Disaster and Emergency Preparedness checklist for Hurricane Irene

8/23/2011:  As Hurricane Irene approaches, we do not know yet how powerful the Hurricane force winds or storm will be.  However the storm will most likely affect our area in one form or other.  So, I wanted to share some helpful information with you. 

First, If you cannot reach us on Monday (due to any power or communication system failure), please contact your insurance carrier directly.

Homeowners: Should you sustain a loss, as soon as possible, you should call the phone number for the claims department that is listed on your policy and or your monthly statements.  If you live near the shore or do not have storm resistant windows, you may want to board up the windows, if practical.  If not practical, you can tape up vulnerable windows with clear packing tape in a criss-cross manner like an "X".  This may help improve the integrity of the window glass. 

Automobiles should be parked as far away from trees or poles to protect them from a compromised tree, or tree limbs.

Below is a checklist of items to stock and other ideas:

Store enough food (canned foods preferably) and water to last each member of your family for at least a week.  Water is especially important in case city water becomes contaminated (as happens occasionally during severe weather).

·        Charge your cell phone to max capacity in case you lose phone service.

·        Fill up your car's gas tank, in case you need to evacuate or for general emergency needs.

·        Seal the bottom portion of doors to prevent water from entering (use water proof sealants rubber or foam. Even towels and rags work as well). 

·        Remove valuables from direct exposure to windows, in case a window is compromised.

·        Purchase enough batteries to power your flashlight, and portable radio in case of loss of power.

·        Purchase Candles, again in case of power loss.

·        Below is a checklist for your convenience……

Emergency Supply & Preparedness Kit Checklist:

1)      Three to Seven day minimum supply of nonperishable food

2)      Seven day (3 day minimum) supply of water (one gallon per person per day)

3)      1 each - Non-Electric can opener.

4)      Battery powered radio (with extra batteries)

5)      Flashlight (one flashlight per person - with extra batteries).

6)      Essential sanitation and hygiene items.

7)      Matches in a waterproof container.

8)      A whistle, or other type of alarm sounding device.

9)      Blankets, sleeping bag, cold weather wear (where applicable)

10)   Clothing (some articles should be waterproof)

11)   Copies of important identification documents (i.e. SSN card, Birth Certificate, passport, bank account/credit card numbers, driver’s license, etc.)

12)   Spare eyeglass/contact lens and supplies.

13)   Prescription medication

14)    Cooking utensils.

15)    Paper plates, cups.

16)    Portable cooking stove (with ample supplies of canned fuel for heat or cooking).

17)    Items for children and infants.

18)   Pet Care items.

19)   Sufficient Cash for emergency use.

20)   Cell phone and Charger.


Hope the above is helpful.  Wishing the best for you and your loved ones!


Be Safe!


Robert Hernandez


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