Group Health Insurance

Frontier Insurance Agency offers comprehensive medical insurance as well as non-traditional Health Discount Plans.  We will address the features of each below:

Group or Individual Health Insurance:

We offer major carriers including Horizon Blue Cross, Oxford, Aetna and Cigna for both small businesses and larger enterprises.  Theses plans typically offer coverages for Prescription, Doctor and specialist office visits, Laboratory expenses, Hospitalization (in-patient and out-patient), Mental Health, Emergency Room, and Surgery,

Depending on the level of flexibility that you desire relative to visiting physicians that accept your health plan, you can choose among the 2 most common plans: PPO (Point of Service) plans or HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations).  In general, the PPO allows you to go to any physician or specialist in the plan without a referral, while the HMO requires a referral for you to see another primary physician or specialist. The PPO plans as a result tend to be more expensive than the HMO.

The cost of Group Health Insurance for small businesses is primarily determined by the aggregate age and gender of the group population, not necessarily by how many employees are in the plan.  So a plan with just 3 participants may have the same or similar cost structure per employee, than a plan with say 10 employees, if both groups have a similar age and gender structure. The cost varies dramatically for the single rate vs married with children.  For example, a single person may cost $325 per month, while a married couple w/out children costs $690, and a family costs $1,000 per month, for the same plan .  The per participant cost of a plan is primarily determined by the coverage's, features, deductibles, and co-pays of the Health Plan.  A few changes to the Hospitalization co-pay or deductible, and the co-pays on the drugs or office visits, can have a dramatic impact on the cost of the plan.

For assistance in determining which health plan works best for your group, or for a free quote, feel free to contact Robert, at Frontier Insurance Agency at (201) 868-2828.  Robert has over 14 years in the Insurance industry.


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